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Thoughtful Thursday:

Dear (past) event.. I recognise how I feel (and felt) angry, upset, anxious for these things.. and that I take these key appreciations / learnings forward..

Kubler Ross focussed on a model of grief noting various emotions one may experience as part of a loss. This model was not meant to be in stages but rather acknowledged a range of emotional experience. In considering poignant events in life if can be really helpful to note the variety of emotions and consider how they are present (or were present) to support oneself and acknowledge what may be most needed now (including validation alone of the event). I have found writing a letter to the event exploring through the emotional states can be a useful tool for clients. Note too this is not static as we grow around our experiences rather than have them shrink over time, and it may be useful to write the letter more than once. Other emotions can be added to the letter and it may become apparent that many separate events need different letters from a initial first reflection.

You may choose to share the letter with someone you wish to understand your experience- you may choose to share themes from the letter- you may choose to share none of the letter at all. The activity alone is of benefit. The activity may also be challenging so compassion to time limit and set time around this to reflect on your reflections.


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