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Thoughtful Thursday

What's in your Eulogy (that you can control)?

A morbid question it may first appear - but it holds a wisdom to consider how we live our lives by recognising what we would most like to be said at our Eulogy. I believe  David Brooks first made a comparison here between our focus being set on resume or eulogy virtues. Society often emphasising the former with markers of our status / parameter outcome goals - yet the latter holds more meaning at the end of our days.

Knowing what we would like said of us at our ending can help structure our general days in a very different way, and set boundaries that it may feel at first very hard to establish. I hold that I want to be known as a good (enough) parent and authentic in what I promote around wellbeing to my clients - to me that reads at my eulogy that I was fun, made time, listened to others and lived by my interests full of compassion. This means I end my work day on time- that I structure wellbeing activities around me so I can be capable of being present, and that I prioritise joy. Walking in nature is factored every week and checking in with my partner and how he feels daily. I also hold compassion for exceptions to my intentions to return to them without guilt when I step off path.


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