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Thoughtful Thursday:

I took a week interval- apparently they support interest, and helpfully it fitted after 5 weeks of 'Thoughtful Thursday's' so the midway point of my aim to 10 reflective posts. I also took a break as I have been unwell and I needed to pause to recover from the many viral bugs that are currently doing circuits for all of us, and for which my toddler has the delight of sharing after picking up from nursery.

This week I wanted to focus in context to this on energy levels and what 'season' one may be experiencing. After previously reflecting on the role of boundaries and recognising the need to say no, this reflection points more to our internal compass of compassion for different life periods. Much as the earth goes through a time of harvest and a time of regrowth, life goes through peaks and troughs of energy reserves. It can be really important to consider where we are in regards to the number of simultaneous challenges faced to navigate when to move forward or pull in, and what parts of our current experience are most important to lean in to.

In example when caring for my own dad before he died I needed to put my career aspirations on hold, as I simply could not do both things. It was a season of both pause, yet frantic activity with the number of challenges encountered. My energy reserves were low with the challenges and emotions high. Caring for my dad was the non negotiable part, as it was time I knew I could not repeat. I had learnt a lesson I had been slower to understand myself coming out of my own first maternity when I simultaneously took on a new working role and pushed myself to move forward in a season I needed to slowly respect regrowth.

With clients I often focus to understand where energy levels are over time - perhaps even recording levels daily over a couple of weeks and considering patterns at play. Query can then be made to what areas of life are needed, and what areas feel most important. Appreciating realities such that bills need to be paid, it is a role to recognise what choices are also present to make life easier when energy levels are lower. Many of us when overwhelmed by challenge can respond by doing more and get caught in a self perpetuating cycle of exhaustion. Noticing these patterns is key to pull back from the less necessary. Saying no to larger aspirations can feel particularly challenging and reframing this to rather 'not yet' with a timeframe to review how a season may be changing can feel supportive. When we recognise we are not missing out, but postponing a season, there feels more space to be present in the current timeframe.


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