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Thoughtful Thursday:

Who do you Respect? Who do you Envy? and Why (x3)?

Tennyson notes we are part of all those we have met and it can be helpful to reflect on those that have crossed into our lives. Our role models can show us what we aspire to and how we want to live- yet similarly I have found with coaching clients there can be a great value leaning in to those we may hold envy, to acknowledge what changes we may want to move towards.

It may be useful to build curiosity to ask yourself a few times 'why' you hold someone as a role model/ what you aspire to- or why you envy someone to move from any first more surface focus to deeper meaning. For instance we may envy a individuals earnings, but through asking why a few times we may recognise it is their time flexibility that is more important. It can also be helpful to flip the question to consider for the same person(s) what we may not aspire to / may not envy to gain clarity, as everything comes in context.


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