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Thoughtful Thursday:

Across Thursday's over the next ten weeks I will be posting questions , quotes or reflections to ponder on, pottered with some wider rationale. If you are looking for a reflective boost to the New Year please join me with your journal/ direct message me with any insights or questions.

Week 4:

Living with Value(s)

Recognising ones values can be a great centre to living meaningfully and informing us to make more intentioned choices. As a short(ish) exercise I often get clients to look at a list of 50 values and write out all that resonate with them - then cut that list down in thirds until only 3-5 remain (remembering less is more to aim to cut to 3). Each value is then written about -what it precisely means and how it is a why to live by.

I invite you to do the same (you can easily google a value list) and then holding these values in mind approach any choices or opportunities you may be pondering to consider how your values are linked. Finding the connections can mean everything to raising the motivation to work into something. Equally noting where values may be challenged provides reflection to things that may warrant change. Often when something really frustrates us a core value is being crossed- recognising the why can also inform us how to make a difference.


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