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Thoughtful Thursday:

Across Thursday's over the next ten weeks I will be posting questions , quotes or reflections to ponder on, pottered with some wider rationale. If you are looking for a reflective boost to the New Year please join me with your journal/ direct message me with any insights or questions.

Week 2:

5 Ways to Well-being :

  • Be Active

  • Connect

  • Give

  • Keep Learning

  • Take Notice

The above framework was created in the NHS to consider key targets for developing well-being. Well known in the healthcare community It still nonetheless amazes me in my NHS coaching work how often those 'in the know' may have not thought to use the tool themselves. This in part points to a bias considered last week that, as Joy may come later, that personal Well-being focus also comes after -work/ family care/ commitments- (insert other responsibilities as relevant).

Taking some time yourself to reflect now I invite you to 'audit' what you are currently doing to support your well-being in each area, how this is supporting you- and from there consider what you want to maintain and develop. You may draw out a chart or write under each area as a heading.

To make intentions realities / maintain current practices it's useful to notice what are both the 'smallest things' and the 'biggest multi- area wins' to get started and establish habits. Aiming to schedule activities so they occur, but not so they feel overwhelming outcomes. For example being active may be the commitment to take the stairs each day or have a 15 minute walk at lunch rather than head to the gym 3 x weekly for an hour. A longer scheduled walk at the weekend with a friend may offer opportunity to be physically active, connect and take notice of nature.

You may become aware that some areas feel more important than others for your well-being, and this is fine - we all have a unique mix. If an area is being completely 'ignored' currently I would suggest some added curiosity- is this an area that isn't prioritised and may be worth exploring as a untapped boost? -or could it be that the area is in fact undervalued? I have found clients often note ignoring 'taking notice' which could be boosted in the smallest way of mindful breathing even for a few minutes. Equally there is an irony of NHS workers, parents and carers (!) often undervaluing how much they 'give' - thinking they need to do additional volunteering- rather than the role to acknowledge what they are already doing- and potentially cut back on this area a little for a overall better well-being fit.


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