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Thoughtful Thursday:

Across Thursday's over the next ten weeks I will be posting a single question, quote or reflection to ponder on, pottered with some wider rationale. If you are looking for a reflective boost to the New Year please join me with your journal/ direct message me with any reflections.

Week 1:

What's sparked Joy for you today (this week / month) and how can you lean into that further?

As we all begin a new year reflections can amass to goals, intentions and fresh beginnings. I am often struck most when I finish with a coaching or therapy client however that a key ending emphasis is 'beyond outcome' to the role of individuals feeling changed through being more accepting and at peace with themselves, with the permission for joy in their lives. In part shortcut we all intrinsically know pockets of what joy represents for us, but we side line these to come later. For children play needs to come ahead of learning and therapy- and I attest through countless relational meetings this wisdom also to be held for adults. So past outcome what brings you joy right now and how can you lean into that further?


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