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Camilla Fadel

I have been passionate about supporting Relationships, Well-being and finding a ‘Life-Work fit’ throughout my working career. Initially qualifying as a Medical Doctor I have worked in the NHS for over a decade and navigated my practice now to working purely as a Relationship and Psychosexual Psychotherapist, Well-being /mental health Educator and Coach.


Relationships when working well positively support well-being and health, and through them our development and growth. There can however be many hurdles involved including, but not limited to:

- Communication and conflict management

-Decisions around commitment and relationship boundaries


- Familial difficulties- non acceptance of partner choice

-Difficulties conceiving/ infertility

-Parenting, step parenting and blended families

- Separation/ breakup

- Bereavement and grief

-Mental illness

Relationship therapy aims to support around these hurdles by providing a space to explore patterns of behaviour, past familial experiences and practice building communication and intimacy.


Focussed on difficulties with sexual function or wider questions around sexual experience, Psychosexual Therapy can offer support for the following presentations:

-Difficulties with intimacy

-Loss of desire

-Anorgasmia (difficulties with orgasm)

-Dyspareunia (pain during sex)

-Early or Delayed Ejaculation

-Difficulties gaining or maintaining an Erection

-Penetration difficulties/ Vaginismus

-Out of control sexual behaviour (sexual addiction)

-Concerns surrounding porn use

-Loss of Body Confidence in relation to intimacy


Coaching differs from counselling in its developmental compared to reparative focus. (BACP).

Sessions focus on specific actions and goal setting, topics include:

-Working Identity, Meaning and Purpose


-Well-being and work-life Fit

-Professional work Goals


I also provide Relational Coaching where topics include, but are not limited to:




-Planning for long term goals

Decisions as partners on:

'Life-Work' fit

-Whether or not to have children or extend family

-Next steps after a fertility journey

-Managing ill health


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