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About me

Hi I'm Camilla, a therapist, coach and mental health educator specialising in supporting Relationships, Psychosexual health, Well-being and finding ‘Life-Work fit’.


Initially qualifying as a Medical Doctor I have worked in the NHS for over a decade. My therapeutic trainings are Integrative, Psychodynamic and Systemic. Essentially this means I focus on supporting individuals with a range of tools, consider less conscious and historic influences to thinking and behaviour and approach things in a facilitative, curious and non-judgemental way- aware of familial and group dynamics.

My approach starts with an initial session where we will consider the focus of work together and how we fit to start relationship, psychosexual therapy or coaching. I encourage clear contracting and review across sessions, appreciative of agile therapeutic practice and needing to change direction as indicated.

I have specialised interest in supporting Individuals and Relationships therapeutically:

-Gain understanding across times of transition- approaching a stage of commitment, relationship endings or when facing a significant life stressor e.g. illness, affairs, redundancy, caring responsibilities and bereavement.

-Navigate family dynamics and maintaining Life-Work Fit e.g. infertility, adoption, early years of parenting or life 'child free' voluntarily or involuntarily +/- alongside menopause.

-Seeking specific changes in relating to self and others- building confidence in authentic presence and skills in communication and boundary setting.


'I am part of all that I have met' Tennyson

Humbled by the individuals and relationships I have worked with, I have lived the integrative journey I carry in to my practice. When not finding me here I work as a therapist in a relationship therapy charity, as a trustee for a mental health charity and as a mental health educator and coach in the NHS.

Past experiences that I honour include working as a doctor and/or therapist across all of life experiences from birth to end of life, with specific focus supporting those with mental illness and previously leading a NHS Psychosexual Service.

My Qualifications include:

BMBS, Medical Degree, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

BSc Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex

Dip Clinical Education, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Dip Relationship Counselling, Relate

Dip Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy, LDPRT

REACH Coaching for Proficiency, SLAM partners, EMCC Practitioner level

I am registered with BACP and COSRT and abide by their ethical codes.

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