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Thoughtful Thursday:

Across Thursday's over the next ten weeks I will be posting questions, quotes or reflections to ponder on, pottered with some wider rationale. If you are looking for a reflective boost to the New Year please join me with your journal/ do also share any insights by message.

Week 3

A Yes for a No- A No for a Yes

We all have limits on our time yet we try to jam more in, finding it hard to establish the boundary of a good enough fit. It's understandable as capitalism and consumerism equate more = better, but less is often definitely more and many clients come to me in a state of complete overwhelm with their attempts to surpass themselves. I know this temptation all too well myself and have found one key reflection helps me and my clients most often -noting the dual nature of yes and no. Namely if I am saying yes to something what may I need to say no to as my time is pulled- and if I say no to something, what may this enable for me in the time provided. It's a helpful reminder that we cannot do all things / something will need to move. We can then decide with greater clarity what we want to commit to and what we need to let go of. Today and this week what dual yes/ no's can you reflect on- and what clarities can you come to for your time?


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